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Hungary by the Bite: My Virgin Kitchen Takes on Hungarian Snack Food

zita kisgergely

It must be said that the hungry/Hungary pun gets a little old (as in ‘I am a hungry Hungarian'). Just about everybody in front of a camera or mic who arrives in Hungary tries it on nonetheless. We don’t mind, so long as they also offer something original and fun. Luckily, Barry of the You Tube munchie-gorging channel My Virgin Kitchen, also has some chops (sorry for a bad pun of our own) when it comes to sampling and describing Hungarian snack food. Though the selection of snack-food on offer in the video (bake rolls, cookies) is not terribly inspired, the host’s pronunciation is. He mistakes brands for products, but the fact that he has a little black pug looking on in boredom makes it all forgivable. That he disdains marzipan, which Hungarians are known for, endears him to no local, but his enthusiasm for Túró Rudi almost makes up for this momentary digression in taste.

Túró Rudi is a national treasure that – as a visitor – you will either love or hate. Literally translated as ‘curd rod’ it is just that: cheese curd dipped in rich chocolate. Mostly sweet but kind of savory, it is uniquely Hungarian. It can be spotted by its distinctive red-and-white polka-dot packaging. It’s enough to make a bad pun seem very tasty indeed.

Have a look at the full video below. Thank you My Virgin Kitchen and happy snacking.