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Celeb Spotter: Budapest Suits Gosling

zita kisgergely

Though Ryan Gosling wasn’t the man around town the way some actors are when they come to Budapest, during the shoot for Blade Runner II he did get out enough to have an opinion about our…baked goods, which he touted on an American talk show (his own words were that our 'bread game is very strong'. True, in terms of baked goods, nobody will walk away from Hungary disappointed, as we have all the basic cakes, pies and other delicacies covered. But the actor did get out enough to manage time to hastily (perhaps too hastily?) shoot a promo for the fashion magazine GQ that allows one to place him in the context of 'classic' Budapest. We pass the video along, not because it is an outstanding watch, but because it makes a lot of the film-noirish feeling so many locations here have, ones that were used so effectively in the spy and actions films shot around the city in recent years. The suit may be Ralph Lauren, but the locations are pure Budapest. You can see the actor (ironically?) starting his day reading a Hungarian newspaper before waiting at an empty table at an empty café for a coffee that never arrives (where are your baked goods now, Mr. Gosling?). Which naturally calls for improvised hijinks at the city’s most fabled and luxurious thermal baths: the Gellért baths at the Gellért Hotel. The baths aren’t exactly under-used as a filming location in Budapest: you can find them for instance in a pivotal scene in Matthew Barney’s art-house classic Cremaster series, and the location is also where food guru Anthony Bourdain relaxed in his Budapest episode of Parts Unknown. But it shows that even when incorporating the goofy scenario of Gosling pretending his soggy shoe is a telephone, the Art Deco interior still looks stunning and seductive. Though the 'point' of the video is to show off the Ralph Lauren suit, it's Budapest that steals the scene. Just have a look. No, really, do!

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