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Culinary Corner: the National Cake Competition

zita kisgergely

Anybody in or around Budapest this past month knows there was recently a huge competition taking place. No, we’re not talking about Formula 1’s Hungaroring, or the FINA World Championships in swimming, but something far sweeter. As it’s Hungary’s birthday in August, that can only mean the national cake competition, where confectioners from across the country compete to be awarded the honor of being Hungary’s national cake for the next year. It is viewed as something of a birthday cake, and the winning confection will be sold at confectioners around the country. But forget traditional Dobos or Esterházy tortes of competitions past; bakers these days are turning up the heat and working outside their comfort zones to get noticed, with previous entries featuring such diverse flavors as pumpkin oil and apricot fruit brandy.

While the country’s oldest confectioners usually prevail, this year a relative new-comer, the chic bakery and candy store Sugar! Design Confectionery, took home first prize with a cake translated from Hungarian as ‘Balaton Frothy Hazelnut’, which among other ingredients, is made with black currants, chocolate, caramel, and of course, hazelnut. The cake, or more accurately, torte, beat out 28 other cakes that made it to the final competition.

via Sugar! Design Confectionary

via Sugar! Design Confectionary

While the years have seen increasingly creative cakes win, it is a requirement that the entries utilize a recognizably traditional Hungarian flavor in the recipe (you won’t be seeing a green mochi cake winning anytime soon).

As sweet as all this is, the contest also recently acknowledged a parallel competition for a sugar-free cake. This year the winner was Budapest confectioner Zazzi Confectioners’ cake that translates at Polka-dotted Panni, a very pink creamy raspberry mousse, plum, and poppy seed concoction.

via One Drop of Attention Foundation

via One Drop of Attention Foundation

Congratulations to the winning cakes, in this scrumptious summer tradition; just one more example of Hungary rewarding innovation while keeping itself rooted in tradition. And if we have the ear of the Association of Hungarian Confectionery Manufacturers, the contest’s organizers, please drop us a line if you need a judge for next year’s contest.

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