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Budapest, Budapest, 1213

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Budapest Burger Conquers Brooklyn!

zita kisgergely

If you live in or have been to Budapest recently, you know the city has undergone a street-food revolution, with the once-humble hamburger on the front lines. Five years ago, you couldn’t get a good burger in this city outside of the Gresham Palace Four Seasons Hotel bar. Now there seem to be burger shacks on every corner, each trying to outdo each other for flavorful, inventive hamburgers. We’ve seen goose-liver burgers, spicy paprika burgers, burgers served on bagels, pretzels, and donuts. Burgers have come so far that even the simpler, blander Hungarian Retro Burgers of yore are returning to popularity: limp patties on huge buns complete with Hungarian pickled cabbage coleslaw. In this sizzling golden age of burger, is there anything left to do? Have we not hit peak burger?

We need to look Stateside for the next step forward, where good-intentioned Eastern/Central Europeans have emigrated, taking ideas from their own cuisine and fusing them with American street-food traditions. This cultural melding has brought us the first lángos (deep fried flat bread) burger, where-by a burger patty, hand-formed ground beef, is attended to on the grill, then bundled into lángos doe and dipped in the deep fryer. Hot Hungarian peppers as a condiment are optional. This ungodly (or divine, depending) creation is the brainchild of Korzo’s, a Hungarian/Slovak American outpost in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. The burger is known as the 'Deep Fried Burger' and comes in multiple variations. This Hungarian/American hybrid has thus far been rated the best in America by Inside Edition and best in New York by the Village Voice. With that kind of hype, and with the local willingness to evolve their tastes in this territory, it is only a matter of time before the lángos burger makes an appearance on menus in Budapest, where to competition is fierce, and the burger battle is always hotting up. 

But don't take our word for it: have a look at the cooking of the Deep Fried Burger here:

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