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Chilling Beauty: the Danube in the WInter

zita kisgergely

Well, as dynamic and photogenic a city as Budapest is as a location, its current primary characteristic is that it is cold. With a record cold snap in effect, buildings are shining with frost, snow covers the statues in the parks, and the Danube is freezing over. What? The Danube is freezing over? It’s true. Though it seems inconceivable for a body of water as vast and constantly in motion as the Danube, which flows from Germany, splitting Budapest down the middle, before making its way through the Balkans and on to the Black Sea, it is true. And wonderfully so, as the below drone video, taken by FlyingEyes Media shows.

But, characteristically of the city, a little intemperate weather won’t keep us down. In fact, there are more and more films being shot here in Hungary than ever, including hottie Jennifer Lawrence’s latest (if she can’t melt the ice, then at least she’ll melt a few local hearts, as she has been sighted around town as of late).

You can see the denizens of the city taking up the challenge of the cold and making the best of it. That included recording the strikingly beautiful ice floes that are currently floating by, some the size of barges. So we invite you to see just how majestic this particular winter has turned this essential part of Budapest and this part of Europe’s landscape. Enjoy.