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Location Spotter: Hungaroring, Grand Prix in Hungary

zita kisgergely

Summer means many different things to visitors from abroad, who come to Hungary for the diversity of attractions and events, unique Hungarian culture, and beautiful landscapes. But racing fans come to Hungary for our Grand Prix: Hungaroring, Hungary’s Formula One event. Racing enthusiasts will flood the town Mogyoród, 20 km northeast of Budapest, to watch the best of Formula One racing. Dubbed ‘Monaco without walls’, in reference to its twists and turns, which are similar to Monanco’s race, Hungaroring will go off this very weekend. 

One could also compare the track to the Hungarian language, loaded with difficult contortions and inevitable complications: it hasn’t been made it easy for anybody. That said, once they get going, drivers can reach speeds of up to 300 km/h on the lone hospitable straight. The drivers will rack up 70 laps for a total of just over 306 km over the two-hour race.

While McClaren are favored this year, fans will get a kick out of watching Force India’s pink car do its best. Said Sergio Perez from Force India team, “I like the twisty layout, which reminds me of a street circuit. And when you find your rhythm, it’s very enjoyable to drive.”

Only time will tell if on Sunday driver Lewis Hamilton will match Michael Schumacher’s all-time record of 68 poles, an occurrence that would make this year’s Hungaroring all the more eventful. Hamilton is the most successful driver in Hungary's F1 history, with five wins to his name, including a win at last year’s race. Unfortunately there are no locals to root for, and only one Hungarian has participated as a driver in the race -- Zsolt Baumgartner in 2003 and 2004.

Hungaroring has been held here since 1986, making it the third most long-standing Formula 1 event. Initially, the then-Communist authorities had wanted to race to take place in the streets of Budapest, but that proved not feasible, so a purpose-built track was constructed. The first Formula 1 race attracted over 200,000 fans from across the Soviet Eastern bloc. These days, while it is popular locally, the majority of attendees are foreigners – Germans, Austrians, Finns, and Polish are the most represented nationalities who come to Hungary in the heat of summer for a day or two at the races.

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